Tinder numbers in 2020 – people, consumption and income data

Tinder numbers in 2020 – people, consumption and income data

Outlined in this article, as you would expect, the the majority of updated research concerning internet dating tool, Tinder. A few of these research derive from Tinder formal reporting, some are determined field exploration documents, some is projected considering some research methods like a questionnaire.

Once you know that many data, most of us display there are certainly not the most recent ones, let us know inside review part and will eventually upgrade the statistics as required.

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Tinder Userbase Studies

Lots of customers and class

There are no recognized accounts from Tinder, but also in 2018 this has been determined that there exists around 57 million users worldwide. Currently, Tinder comes in more than 190 region with more than 40 dialects and has come downloaded over 340 million times.

Tinder People in relationship

Without recognized class report, there was clearly some arguings with regards to the break down of their userbase. For instance, a Global Webindex report alleged that 42per cent of Tinder consumers have been in a connection with all the application make an effort to. Tinder possesses refuted these reports, adding the amount around 1.7per cent which looks like it’s a far more realistic number.

Tinder Users’ years this site and geographical location

It’s treat that prominent demographic team might be 18-24 years of age crowd with in 35percent with the overall users. The typical ages of individual is around 25 years both for males and females. As individuals years, really more unlikely so they can be active on Tinder.

Tinder Users location and home profits

Based on a the audience is Flint research a great number of North american Tinder customers you live in cities and are apt to have a better household returns compared to the nationwide regular.

Tinder Gender rate

Tinder has actuallyn’t been recently basically reporting owner numbers due to the fact might an element of the internet dating leader, Match.com. Competitors such as Bumble say that the reason behind this really this is really worst PR for Tinder as his or her gender percentage is often rather negative compared with competition including Bumble.

Based upon a Statista numbers, around 80 % of consumers happen to be male on Tinder in the United States. When this evaluation are near to the correct amounts, Tinder wants work at moving this back once again to the 50-50 percentage, as a 1-5 proportion will injured the popularity ultimately.

Peak of Tinder Users

In a the state corporation webpage of Tinder it’s often claimed that 80% of men on Tinder state on the account that they’re over 6 leg tall in height, which is means beyond nationwide ordinary. The company additionally introduced a height check feature for tackling this dilemma, although later it’s often revealed that it was simply an April Fool’s time joke.

Generational variations

Having its large cellphone owner quantities, Tinder is usually suitable for locating differences in habit between generational groups. In 2019 they found out that production Z is a bit more expected to show tips as part of the bios about dilemmas such as for instance environment alter, public justice, surroundings or gun controls compared to millennials. Millennials were incredibly more dedicated to traveling in their bios.

Tinder Application Stats

Lots of swipes from inside the software

Tinder promises your day-to-day swipe quantity from inside the application is approximately 1.6 billion, which happens to be around 30 swipes per every day productive users normally. As stated by a We include Flint databases 55percent of users go through the application at least one time one day, and around 20% on the customers confirm it much more than one time per day. Because of this, Tinder is one of the most actively put software on the market where Grindr the LMTQ internet dating app try greatest the engagement online game.

The following is an enjoyable video talking about this research as well as some some other numbers pertaining to Tinder that are not mentioned in this post.

Few meets from inside the software

Given that the life with the app, above 20 billion matches happen licensed. Approximately around a million schedules become build in a week owing to Tinder. 1st “Tinder child” are about to get started with class in addition to their amounts helps to keep increasing. There’s no estimate of quantity “Tinder children” is produced.

Finest Tinder Passport Places

Tinder comes with travel document as reduced have right now an important part of both Tinder positive and Tinder silver subscription. With Tinder travel document, individuals can change the company’s location and rehearse the software around the world anywhere believe that like. Most likely people make use of this usability from inside the yuletide season when they’d like to started some times or familiarize yourself with a lot of people before through in fact journey here.

In 2016 Tinder has released a survey which will show that town customers most frequently altered the company’s venue alternatives. Associated with best 6 towns, 6 are generally European together with nyc (# 3) might merely everyone city during the top.

Guy vs People On Tinder

Ladies are usually means pickier than Men on Tinder. Centered on swiping research guy swipe correct 46% of likely matches, whereas this could be best 14percent among women.


Tinder has found that in the 1st 6 weeks of the year (from January 1 to January 13) active consumers on Tinder reaches the finest optimum. They promise which wide range of typical swipes by customers augment 100X with this cycle. Another possibility is a spike in cellphone owner exercise among individuals within the early spring bust years.

In 2020 the number of spending owners exceeded 5.7 million owners which managed to get the highest-grossing non-gaming app with earnings income of 2.2 billion USD, greater than applications like Netflix or Myspace. Tinder has now reached this new maximum by growing the many paying clientele rapidly in the last few years. Its income has increased by 920% from 2014 to 2019.

This sales increases has-been pushed by Tinder Gold since its introduction in Q3 2017.

Match Party Income Research

Tinder is part of fit party that works some other dating applications such as for instance Hinge, OkCupid or PlentyOfFish. But Tinder is the reason around 50per cent off sales inside dating team.